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Take a shortcut to business success with a turnkey Hypnofit practice in a box!

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Creating a successful Hypnotherapy Business can be lonely. Becoming a HypnoFit Licensing Partner will ensure that you receive ongoing support from me who has YOUR best interests at heart as I want to make sure the HypnoFit brand grows with every licensee partner.


As a HypnoFit Licensing Partner, you will receive consistent advice from me on what you need to do to have a successful business as opposed to learning about yet another system.


As a HypnoFit Licensing Partner, you will be given everything you need to implement successful systems and processes for your business so that clients feel that they are been taken care of by a professional. No more overwhelm!


As a HypnoFit Licensing Partner, you will benefit with the existing reputation and credibility of the Hypnofit Brand!


As a HypnoFit Licensing Partner, you will be given the expertise that has taken me over $150,000 in training and resources to create.

Why become a Hypnofit Licensing Partner?

People are learning that drugs, with all their side effects, are not the only way to feel better. They are learning that complementary therapies are powerful sources of healing.

As they move from a paradigm of sickness to one of wellness, from one of cure to one of prevention, you have the opportunity to help and benefit. The wellness industry is a $200 billion business — well on its way to becoming a TRILLION dollar industry through this Wellness Revolution.

Now is the time for practitioners to stand up and make a difference.

To make hypnotherapy a credible, recognised industry we need successful businesses to reach as many people as possible and help change lives. We need to become respected and valued for the amazing work we do.

There are so many hypnotherapists out there looking at that trillion dollar opportunity who cannot capitalise on it because of their lack of practical business knowledge.

I am here to help people find their way to that sort of success. All of the licensing income that I generate is pumped back into the Hypnofit brand to increase awareness of it all over the world. This is an opportunity for practitioners to be at the forefront of this brand as it expands worldwide.

I would love for you to join me as an accredited Hypnofit Licensing Partner as we grow the profile of hypnotherapy around the world.

Helen xx