HypnoBiz Australia – MIGUEL COCCO – Know how to ethically use Persuasion and Influence to Convert Prospects to Paying Clients.

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In this special interview with HypnoBiz Australia Presenter, Miguel Cocco from Portugal, he explains how he was drawn to Hypnotherapy for both personal and professional reasons.

A busy and successful hotel manager, Miguel was highly stressed and suffered from psoriasis. Changing direction in his career, Miguel began studies in psychology. Once he discovered Sigmund Freud and his usage of hypnosis, he became fascinated and studied the two modalities at the same time.

Miguel went on to become the Co-founder of the Portuguese Hypnosis Association and a presenter in world Conferences.

In this video, Miguel discusses how the two can be used to persuade and influence people to become paying clients in your business.

“Set an intention that you are in this together with your client. When your energy combines it works better!”       Miguel Cocco

Miguel’s presentation at HypnoBiz Australia will show you how to use influence, persuasion and strategy to have more clients and create a structured business that is in balance with you.

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